So Many Walls To Go



After a four-year absence (Tustin Ranch…only miles away but far from Laguna…) we have returned to our home in Laguna.

Each morning I drive Coast Highway and admire the art of Sandra Jones Campbell, “The Pastels,” on the wall next to Toes on the Nose and it always makes me smile….

And then I wonder….there seems to be so many blank walls in Laguna that could benefit from some public art. Has there ever been an attempt to coordinate the city of Laguna, its artists, LOCA, LCAD and business owners who would like to share their external canvas?

Maybe a coalition to put art front and center in Laguna?

Business owners sign off a waiver to the city to allow for public art (of course there would be some sort of guidelines…), the city allowing the display, and the artists that will commit to the projects and maintenance.

Imagine the spire out front of South Coast Cinema with images of stars past and present, the huge bland wall in the public parking of Second and Mermaid full of sea stars, surfers and sea lions, the parking at the Goodyear store with painted images from Laguna’s past…… much to do!  And even more walls out there to paint….

So just how can we get this to happen? Any ideas?

With art in the heart,

Theodore P. Schraff III, Laguna Beach

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