Mellow Event Deserves a Sequel



We want to thank the Sawdust Festival’s board of directors and the city of Laguna Beach’s Planning Commission for agreeing to host the Blue Water Music Festival last weekend on the festival grounds.

Rick Conkey and his team, including a large number of community groups and volunteers, deserve congratulations on organizing a mellow, musical event in a peaceful, historic setting.

We hope the board and city will recognize the value of this event and agree to a repeat performance next year. We believe that approving the event early will allow the organizers to garner more sponsorships and invite a larger line up of performers, including, possibly, bands from the high school. It would also allow organizers time to work with all of the nonprofit organizations, artists and sponsors involved to get the word out to a larger audience (including tourists) and allow increased ticket sales at reduced prices.

Ellen and Roger Kempler, Laguna Beach

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