Merchant Describes an Ally at City Hall



Doing business today is hard enough without having to fight the city at every turn.

Whether it’s Valentine’s or Mother’s Day (our biggest holidays) you’re sure to find Caltrans digging up our streets.

Exhausted from calling the city, getting the run around by them blaming Caltrans, we finally called Toni Iseman.

Our red headed angel came to our rescue. No big fanfare. She just took care of the situation with a promise from the city not to dig up our streets just before a holiday.

There are too many empty storefronts on this town. We must have a City Council who works with us instead of against us.

Thank you Toni Iseman!

Rickie Sefton, Laguna Beach

The author is owner of The Black Iris florist shop


The author of a letter to the editor in the Oct. 3 edition was incorrectly identified due to an editing error. Rickie Sefton is the manager of Black Iris, not an owner.


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