Merritt Restates His Position



Since the LB Indy publication of my ”commentary” last week I have been inundated with responsive emails.

They are evenly split and some very menacing in regard to a construed idea that I don’t seek improvement[s] at the old Ben Brown’s and golf course at Aliso Creek…now called the Ranch.

I truly support re-models and betterment of Laguna.  Decades ago as a local businessman I remodeled and improved dramatically the old Hotel California at Cress Street and Coast Highway.

However, a 12 to 0 formal Coastal Commission vote speaks volumes in regard to what our Planning Commission may have approved that was alleged not to have been in conformity with our local coastal plan.  By law, the Commission has the duty and right to oversight what their staff may regard as the non-conformity of any Laguna major project.

To this end, I spoke in person with the developer Mr. Christy after he had seen and publicly responded to my ”letter to the editor” about the Ranch project. I’m sure he would confirm that mutually we desire a protected and preserved Laguna Beach.

In closing, I have no beef with the Ranch; my area of concern is that the local planning process may not have met Coastal Commission standards.

Paul Merritt, Laguna Beach

The author is a candidate for City Council in the November election.

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