Moss Point Overrun by Contractors’ Trucks



On any given work-day in the two square blocks of Moss Point, we residents have suffered between 45 to 70  contractor vehicles per day parked on the public street. The contractor vehicles have taken 95 percent of all available spaces between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

I have personally called ALL departments that could alleviate this gross situation.  No meaningful response or, reaction to our neighborhood needs.

Yesterday, all parking was taken all the way to Victoria Beach … [ three or more projects under construction]

Why has our city government failed to assist by regulation this continuous event? I saw a near crippled woman forced to walk a block and a half just to get to the property that she lives in. I could not assist her.

We believe that the major construction plan approval demands alternative contractor parking? This has not been enforced or even heeded by the so-called “inspectors.”

Upon this letter, will relief be coming to the  residents concerning on street contractor  parking for the duration of our summer?

Paul Merritt, Laguna Beach

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