Natural Healing v. Prescription Drugs


Anticipating her arrival, I walked out my front door and peered over the front deck. She made a powerful statement driving up in a spacious Jaguar and exited with a broad smile and a strong, prideful strut. She was my first case study as a holistic lifestyle coach student. Little did I know I was in for a big surprise!

We walked upstairs into my kitchen when her expansive smile turned into a shameful frown as she handed me a gallon size plastic bag full of prescription drugs. At that moment, I no longer experienced her as a prideful woman but as a captive giving herself away to a baggie full of pills.

How could this woman be pumping her body full of all these prescription drugs? She could not have been more than thirty-five years old! I grounded myself and interviewed her with what seemed like Gestapo interrogation tactics only to discover the pill habit was to alleviate the effects of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, weight loss and insomnia.

To date, research reports Americans twelve years and older take at least one prescription drug daily and 50%  of Americans take at least two prescription drugs daily. No doubt, with prescription drug dependability on the rise; there is a huge return on investment for drug companies! Rumor has it physicians once accepted kickbacks from big pharma in the form of paid vacations, fancy meals and other methods of payment for pushing drugs on patients notwithstanding the patients’ need for them.

I don’t watch television, although, I do recall the tons of commercials promoting prescription drugs. Drug commercials mentioned the negative side effects of the drugs; yet, so many people were relying on those very drugs to fix them. Why would big pharma and some physicians be pushing drugs that caused stroke, anxiety, rapid heart rate, suicidal tendencies, constipation, lack of libido and even early death?

I delved into my case study. The woman standing before me who had preciously exuded much pride melted into a humbled, tired old woman when she admitted her desire was to be dead by her fiftieth year as she had no purpose and reason to live. This young woman had a death wish!

No wonder she was full of toxic drugs. It is my belief her toxic mental intentions had manifested themselves negatively in her body taking on the form of anxiety, stress, insomnia and other dis-eases. I shared my ideas and teachings with her and offered to guide her into a healing of mind, body and spirit. With an open heart she agreed to move forward with the three month healing.

How do you perceive your physician or health care provider? Do they appear healthy, full of vibrant life force energy or overweight with dull countenance and slouchy posture? Part of me would be skeptical to take advice from a health care provider who did not exude optimal health and vitality. I often wonder why most of us give our power away to doctors in part, not taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. No doubt there is a place for physicians and western medicine but why promote drug dependability while there are other natural alternative, holistic ways of healing?

I worked with my female case study for three months and I am happy to share her results were  phenomenal as I witnessed firsthand the power of alternative curative modalities. By the time we completed our work together she experienced a dramatic transformation with a healthier body, mind and peaceful spirit. Shedding approximately forty pounds, she was able to discontinue most of the prescription drugs and rediscovered her passion for life. No more  “death wish” for this woman as she took responsibility for her health, was committed to her transformative work and healed herself naturally … at no cost!

Are you a statistic of prescription drug usage due to dis-ease? If so, I offer you consider thinking outside the box of the conventional medical system. Would you contemplate new knowledge about natural, healing alternatives? I would offer a paradigm shift means letting go of old,  “cookie cutter” ideas and methods which no longer serve you in a healthy manner.

We live in one of the most powerful nations in the world yet, more than sixty-eight percent of Americans are considered obese or overweight. Heart disease is the number one cause of death and by the end of 2015; approximately 1,659,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer. I wonder if these people will consider western medicine and harsh drugs or preventative natural, alternative healing modalities. Perhaps prevention is the key after all?

Patricia Garza Pinto is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Corrective Exercise Coach certified by San Diego’s Paul Chek—a holistic health practitioner, neuromuscular therapist and founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute.  Patricia is also a second-degree Reiki Practitioner who has obtained additional personal training certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.  Exemplifying  35 years of fitness and health experience, Patricia approaches wellness from many perspectives integrating them into a unified whole. Learn more by visiting where Patricia guides her clientele through their respective journeys of authentic self-discovery. (Visit the website or call 949-422-1168.)

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  1. A dramatic example of what goes on behind closed doors here in the USA. According the New England Journal of Medicine, year after year, the number of deaths (illnesses & complication in health not included) from properly prescribed pharmaceuticals is over 100,000 a year. From the same NJM, the number of iatrogenic deaths in the USA always comes in at over 900,000 per year. Often that number exceeds 1 million. Great article. Very well written.


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