New Appreciation for Laguna’s Pool

By Susan Jacob

By Susan Jacob


Thankfully we have our pool back. The Aqua Fit class dutifully follows our Princess Mermaid, Helen Conroy. She optimistically leads us year after year as we work hard and hardly notice. She inspires us with her wisdom. “We are so lucky to be here. Think how many women are slaves to how they look in their bathing suits.”

Our dedicated leader found alternatives for us “Aqua Babes” in various Irvine locations during our beloved pool’s renovation. Who knew after carefully gathering everything one needs for class, which is an amazing number of items by the way, and adding all that is required to dress for work, I would find only an outdoor shower. Last I heard Irvine had rules against flashing, particularly I would think for grandmothers, so it was quite tricky. Well, I must admit impossible. I did enjoy meeting a vibrant freed little parakeet, who was drinking nearby. She was brave enough to break the rules.

My husband is ever ready to rescue me. He managed to get me visitor’s passes to his luxury gym in the celebrated Google building. Imagine my astonishment, indoor showers, and steam rooms to boot.  Who knew that those monstrous parking garages that require validated tickets did not allow enough time for a person with no sense of direction to hike around, hauling all her gear, in search of her car? The merciless machine, that swallows validated tickets seemed to find mine wanting. Google techies were forced to wait behind me as I tried to contrive how to pay the additional $1.75 required allowing me to escape. I never felt as sweaty in even Helen’s hardest workout.  The “Help” button brought security. He took pity and like the parakeet, I, too, was freed. Miserable and late for work, Google gym was out even if they paid me.

Gratefully, the city of Laguna, which I love more each day, got the pool completed in time. Once again our Princess Mermaid Helen can guide us in moves connecting running, skating, skiing, jumping, and dancing all without hurting ourselves while getting fitter every day. Katie, who initiated me to class to begin with, pointed out that as a result she could still wear the earring she wore in high school. We all could. No wonder we are not slaves to how we appear in our bathing suits. I might add that most of us get them at Costco. We faithfully “gain energy from one another” as instructed. Karen can bark like a seal for encouragement. “ We focus on our breathing while letting everything else go.” Truly Helen we do.


Susan Jacob is a psychotherapist who has lived in Laguna Beach for 20 years.

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