Louis Longhi and DIG (Dornin Investment Group) are trying to sell their project as: If you don’t like this project then you don’t like art or support artists in this community.

I like art and dislike this project.

There was initially no opposition to this project when it was eight units. Something appropriate in size, scale and character for the site.  But all you have to do is follow the money. When DIG got involved, somewhere in the twilight, the project morphed into a 30-unit apartment complex.  It became so large and complex the city needed to add a new zoning code into the general plan.  The project is so large it cantilevers over Laguna Canyon Creek.  And… be aware… when you are looking at those story polls as your driving through the canyon, you are only seeing half of the project.  The other half is quietly hidden on the adjacent property under those trees. And if the project stays as is, they will all have to be removed.

But the latest hoorah with this project has been just another tiny, tiny slight modification. This ever so slight modification will allow  “events” to be held on site without having to have the normally required permits. Permits that anyone else in the community, like you or I or a business would be required to have.

Hmmm.  Can’t put my finger on it, but there is just something about this that just doesn’t seeeem right.  But heck, who doesn’t like sitting in their car in the canyon during unanticipated traffic events.

It has been citizen diligence that has kept greedy fledglings like Longhi, DIG and projects like this 30-unit apartment complex and their delusions of greed and grandeur in check.

Opposition to this project has nothing to do with art, or artists but something larger-like maintaining a livable community and preventing unruly unbridled development, like this project.

We have seen unruly development before. Just look at Diamond/Crestview. It’s not pretty, nice or artistic. Those opposed to this project have looked at the details. It doesn’t not comply with the general plan and or the specific plan. Opposition to this project is called preserving the character, livability and artistic character of this community. It’s why people like to come here and why this project belongs in Irvine.

Devora Hertz, Laguna Beach

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