Why Not an Internal Hire?



We all know Laguna Beach to be a special community here in south OC. As such we have been fortunate to have a police department that understands the nature of Laguna and its citizens. We have been lucky to have a chief who has served this community for decades coming up through the ranks to become chief and now close to his retirement, I think we are all thankful for his service and more importantly, his understanding of the special nature of policing a small and very unique community such as ours.

The city council and the city manager have been tasked with finding his replacement and I am sure they have done their due diligence in finding an appropriate individual to fill the role.

What I am finding hard to understand is why they have reached out beyond our department and are in the process of hiring someone from a large metropolitan PD as the new chief. There are so many qualified individuals that have served our community for decades and who have a deep and clear understanding of the very special nature of Laguna Beach and the type of policing that is required. To overlook these qualified individuals seems counter intuitive and difficult to understand.

I have no clue what has gone on behind closed doors and never will although I must say that some citizen input is not a bad thing especially from people who have made Laguna a long time home.

I hope that before the ink is dry on the contract that the city manager and the city council take another look at some of the fine individuals within LBPD. If we let them stagnate, we will lose them altogether and that in my opinion would be a great loss for our community. The future of policing our community should be built by those who understand Laguna Beach and it’s special nature. Who better to do that than those who have served our community for decades from within.

Jorg Dubin, Laguna Beach

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  1. greetings JOSH,
    I agree with 2/3 rd of you position.
    1. HIRE within and 2. [mis-impression] that our COUNCIL gets to select the chief. They should but they dont.
    As a former candidate for CITY COUNCIL, I was the lone voice for a female selection for CHIEF. It has been done. Imagine the wall of decades where women could not be allowed the Chief position. Thankfully, Laguna has joined the mainstream.
    By the way… the costs of our CHIEF position are severely disproportionate with most other cities. That we should fix.

  2. ” I think we are all thankful for his service and more importantly, his understanding of the special nature of policing a small and very unique community such as ours.”

    NO, Jorge. Those of us who are able to judge Character and knows an Unethical AND Unprofessional Public Servant when he sees them, says GOOD RIDDANCE to Workman, and may the New, Police Chief be much better than those who will serve under her

    Paul Workman is a Coward like his Predecessor, the Infamous Michela Sellers of Fullerton SHAME who recruited Psychopaths such as Rod Macdonald, who was the top ticket writer
    in his previous employment, even though he has just Settled a Federal Civil Rights trial for battery on a mother and her son. MacDonald had at least TWO more FEDERAL Civil Rights claims in his five years of disservice in Laguna Beach.

    Workman learned to be an unethical COWARD under Sellers, who left Laguna Beach for Fullerton, where Seller’s BOYS killed a homeless man. Sellers NEVER communicated with the homeless man’s parents, just like Workman has been a Coward and NEVER communicated with ME, one of the citizens he is SUPPOSED to Protect, not harass.

    Workman used the Psychopath MacDonald as a training officer, and he handed down his Unethical lessons well to Matt Gregg, a piece of white trash LBPD employs as a
    Keystone KOP.

    The two Captains under Workman think LYING in Court, and in attempted prosecutions of our citizens is acceptable. Lenyi has LIED multiple times in official reports and attempted prosecutions of me, and Kravetz had no problem committing PERJURY multiple times in court under oath.

    Jorge, ignorant citizens such as yourself offering their opinions on subjects they have NO knowledge of is MY country’s, and my city’s biggest defect today.

    As my favorite writer would say about LBPD
    ” These really are the FKING Mole People”, and the sooner Laguna Beach gets rid of them, the better OUR city will be.

    Let’s HOPE the New Police Chief is different from the PERVERT who has been playing police chief.

    Good riddance to POPE WORKMAN, and the fking mole people I named at LBPD.


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