Novel Parking Solution: Use Garages as Intended



Having lived in Laguna for the last eight years, I have read many, many articles about what we need to do about parking in our city. In the latest installment there was a specific mention of parking for residents in their own neighborhoods.

Has anyone ever suggested that those people who do have garages be required by ordinance to use them for their cars rather than surfboards, bicycles, exercise equipment, laundry rooms, storage of stuff they simply can’t part with, but will probably never use again, etc., etc.? That would go a long way toward solving residential parking at least.

Bruce Tominello, Laguna Beach

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  1. While your at it, reserve Fridays as Street Sweep Day city-wide so our Public Works people can sweep the streets rather than practice slalom chicanery between parked cars. A little consideration for neighbors and public services costs nothing, benefits Laguna.


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