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I had to laugh at Roger Carter’s letter in last week’s Indy. His fear that “Mitt Romney will buy the next election” is laughable at best. Roger, you have a very short memory. In 2008, Team Obama raised $761 million to McCains’ $238 million. Obama became the first U.S. presidential candidate in history to refuse Federal Election Funds, thus enabling him to raise as much soft and hard money as he liked and from whomever he liked. So much for transparency. NBC News called him “America’s First Billion Dollar President” and he’s on track to do the same this year. Last week he jetted into Bel-air for a $40,000 per plate dinner at George Clooney’s estate, then up to San Francisco to go golfing. He didn’t bother to visit an inner city school or a struggling manufacturing plant. I think he’s spent more time campaigning in the last four years than he has governing.


Mitt Romney will probably come to closer to matching Obama’s fundraising than McCain did, but in the end, the real issue is substance and results. Obama had a national mandate in 2008. A lot of hope, a Democrat controlled House and Senate, yet he did nothing with it. Romney has actually worked for a living. He’s run a business and he was also a very popular and effective governor in one of the most liberal states in America. And in my opinion, that’s a heck of a lot better than some freshman senator/community organizer from one of the most corrupt cities in America.


Jeff Tyler, Laguna Beach

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  1. “some freshman senator/community organizer from one of the most corrupt cities in America.”

    I hear a DOG WHISTLE looking for the Lowest common denominator!


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