Omen or Common Sense?

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A tree that leans over the Coast Highway.
A tree that leans over the Coast Highway near Main Beach.

As I walked up Broadway to the Laguna Playhouse on Wednesday, July 11, I commented to my mate, “That tree looks dangerous leaning out over the road at an extreme angle and a large section of bark is missing near the base.”

Monday, July 16, at 3:13 pm, I get a text from LBGOV: Southbound lanes on Broadway at Forest Ave are blocked for the next 30 minutes due to a traffic collision.

Friday, July 20, I read the Indy story, “City Trees to Undergo Inspection.”

The exact tree that caught my eye fell over onto the roadway! Only due to fate was no one hurt or killed.

Is this the next tree? Notice the extreme lean over the sidewalk and PCH.

On July 26, the city’s Tree Removal Ordinance became effective. I’m wondering who’s libel if a city-deemed “protected tree” on private property falls and causes

damage, injuries or death?

Omen or common sense?


Pat Galez, Laguna Beach

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