Opposition to Measure CC



Re: Michael Ray’s “Another View: Laguna Beach CC,” O.C. Register, Sept. 18.

Ray apparently is of the opinion that every citizen of Laguna Beach is well off since he believes the “CC” open space ballot measure would represent “not even the equivalent of beer money.” I am not a beer drinker, nor am I well off, so the $10 a month would deprive me of milk and the cereal to pour it on.

“Since the proposed tax would ‘go away in 20 years’ and at my age I may not last that long, I have to assume that Mr. Ray is younger and as a real estate developer, has deeper pockets than I. Property owners of rental units will surely pass this added tax on to their tenants, so it doesn’t affect only us homeowners.

I will vote “no” on CC in November.


Sandra Werthe, Laguna Beach

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