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City Readies for El Niño

A downpour earlier this week let loose a few rocks and slick roads resulted in an overturned car, but city staff are feverishly preparing for far worse. Consensus among forecasters predict an El Niño, and this iteration of the weather condition could be one of the strongest in...


Rotary Student of the Month

Laguna Beach Rotary Club honored Maria Goncharova, pictured above with Spanish teacher Rod Ortiz, as student of the month in December. Goncharova is a senior at Laguna Beach High School and hopes to major in linguistics. She speaks four languages and hopes to attend Georgetown...


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Comrades, Comrades, Comrades

Editor, Ann Christoph wrote last week that the “gardeners” of Laguna Beach were having difficulty finding affordable housing in Laguna Beach. She believes the city government should make “work force housing” a greater priority. She asked that we, the government, “make housing...