Parents of Some Skateboarders Would Be Appalled



Recently we have had an influx of skateboarders flying down Bluebird, which is okay as long as they stay off of private property.  I have politely asked them many times to stay off of our property because they were tearing up the brick, leaving scuffs all over the driveway, not to mention the damage they do when they use our garage door as a stopping block. More important is the fact that jumping from one level down to another is a dangerous maneuver on hard cement and sharp bricks.  I get nothing but dirty looks. So today, I felt it necessary to raise my voice with disapproval.

If parents could only see how their sons are behaving when they are not around, they would be appalled. A broken arm, concussion or a car smashing into them as cars turn the corner off of Coast Highway is in store for one of these young men. I ask that all parents who have young sons living in the Woods Cove neighborhood speak to their children and explain to them that degrading private property with their skateboards is not acceptable.  Nor is the dangerous behavior they are involved in. Perhaps a citywide display of the rules and regulations for skateboarders needs to be published in both local newspapers and all surf/skateboard shops.

Barbra Slevcove, Laguna Beach

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