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I read a letter in the LB Indy last week by Leonard Porto (“Police Tactics Unfairly Pressure Homeless,” Feb. 22) that was both very disturbing and true regarding our unethical police department under the immoral and unethical Chief Paul Workman.


Bravo to Leonard Porto, a homeless resident of Laguna Beach.


We have an unethical Police Department in Laguna Beach, and kudos to Leonard for having the ethics and guts to speak out against illegal and unethical methods of law enforcement.


Our police department, under the questionable leadership of Chief Paul Workman has taken a police department that our former chief of police, the infamous Chief Michael Sellers of Fullerton, had taken into the gutter of ethics and professionalism.


Our police department forgets, that as my president recently said, “Public service is a privilege,” and they think they are above the law, and the public is “lucky” to have them, even though most of our local police are undeserving of being public servants by their lack of ethics, morals, and character.


Our police department depends on brave citizens like Leonard not coming forward with their public complaints. They survive on intimidation instead of ethics, and have a well earned reputation in our local Superior Court of questionable prosecutions and battering of those charged with crimes that would not be prosecuted outside of Orange County.

What makes this sad situation even worse is that we have a city council that shares the same lack of ethics and expertise as our local police, and we have an effete city attorney, Phillip Kohn, who has dropped any pretext of ethics or integrity in all of his correspondences with me.


After a two hour meeting with (retired) Captain Hall in July of 2009 complaining about harassments (by a Laguna Beach officer), I was stopped a week later for a DUI, blew a zero, and was still arrested and taken to jail. Since then, I have spent six more nights in jail, have the police department write over 100 incident reports on me, attempt over 20 prosecutions of me, and am currently awaiting prosecution of five misdemeanors with no convictions!


Iseman, Pearson and Egly, the law professor too, all approved our last two unethical police chiefs. Our current city council, city attorney, and police department are proof of the proverb of “birds of a feather flock together”, and our city deserves a better flock than we currently have that exudes disgrace and unethical activities on our community on an almost daily basis. I love my country and Constitution too much to allow this local travesty to continue in silence!


This trio is turning our paradise into the Orange County 2012 version of Philadelphia, Miss., in 1964 and that aint something to be proud of. I have twice been charged with crimes for prosecution within 10 days of speaking the truth to our current, ineffectual city council.



Eli Grossman, Laguna Beach

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