A Prescription for Safe and Happy Riding



I am a bicyclist; a safe one. I realize that if hit by a car, I lose.

Look at the picture on the front page of your July 25, 2014 issue: How many bicyclists are in the bike lane and how many are not?

Have you ever seen a bicyclist stop for a stop sign? How many times they run through red lights or go around pedestrians in crosswalks? How many bicyclists ride on the wrong side of the highway? How many ride as if they were a combination of vehicles, pedestrians, and bikes? Demanding government to do some thing will not change the fact that most of us are riding bicycles for fun, recreation, or exercise, not commuting. And that most motorists have a place to go, fast. The only ones using bikes for commuting are the ones who cannot afford a car.

So, let us take safety in our own hands by acknowledging that bikes are supposed to follow the same rules as cars, and that in a conflict the car will win at the expense of our lives.

Mike Nazemi, Laguna Beach

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