Be Proud of Our Downhill Skateboarders



I hope my fellow Lagunans share my pride in our local downhill skateboarders’ achievements at the recent IGSA National Championship held in San Dimas (“Local Teens Sweep Gravity Game,” Sports, Oct. 15). I have watched our local downhill skateboarding controversy with some interest over the last few months and was proud of my grandson and his colleagues as they took on a challenge and worked together with the community to find a solution.

Now we see these same young athletes take the skills they honed on Laguna’s beautiful hillside streets and put them to the test against riders from other locales. I would ask the nay-sayers to take a good look at what a positive experience both scenarios were in the development of social and physical skills for young people who are part of America’s future.

Maybe we can come together and help these young people host a competitive event in their own city and bring in some tourist dollars at the same time.

Patrick Forrest, Laguna Beach

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