Questions Over Coastal Access, Trolley Service



Laguna Beach’s Public Works Director Steve May, one of Laguna’s $125,000 + city employees, says, “Camel Point Drive is a private street and the city does not maintain it or post any coastal access signs on private streets or Coast Highway, which is maintained by Caltrans.”

Mr. May is breaking the law since he knows the Camel Point Drive entrance pedestrian gate is a walking public access way along with the stairway 1,000 feet south at 31351 Coast Highway, neither of which have a coastal access sign. He refuses to cooperate with Orange County, which owns all of the access ways and beaches in South Laguna, and Caltrans. What is the city council doing about the lack of coastal access signs? Nothing so far. 

          Another big question hotel, gallery, restaurant owners and other people are asking: why is the summer trolley service stopping on Aug. 28 and not running through Labor Day weekend? Orange County Transit Authority gives the city hundreds of thousands of dollars for our trolley and municipal bus sytem and hotel’s collect a 10% tax from all visitors. Hotels should contact the city council and demand that service run through one of the biggest weekends of the year, especially since business is up and moving people around means more cash for everyone. If it’s because trolley drivers are also school bus drivers, then we need new drivers.

Public Works Director May should try being a leader and not just another high paid city employee.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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