Ray’s Rants Filled by Contradictions



Re: Musings on the Coast, “From the Rearview Mirror“, Nov. 14 edition.

I can’t agree more with Michael Ray’s statement “Political parties of any type, stay out of Laguna Beach. We are doing quite nicely without that kind of crap.”
However, please be fair and spare us the feigned nonpartisanism. Mr. Ray made that statement only in regards to the local Republican Party support of a candidate. It is disingenuous to state that Michele Hall ran as a declared Republican.

Council positions are nonpartisan and candidates are not allowed to list party affiliation for city council races. Obviously with the internet, it is quite easy to determine someone’s party affiliation. The liberal activist machine that Mr. Ray funds and is a major player in, exploited the fact that Ms. Hall was a conservative running for office in a predominately liberal city. Wherever possible the finger was pointed “you’re a Republican, you’re not one of us.”
Where is Mr. Ray’s outrage at “that kind of crap” slung by his political party, the Laguna Beach Democratic Club, who paid for a full-page negative campaign ad against Michele Hall? Ironic that they felt the need to spend so much money and time attacking someone that Mr. Ray purports was an “obvious loser.” Clearly, Mr. Ray and his fellow Democratic activists are the ones slinging “that kind of crap.” The hypocrisy is palpable!
I also agree with Mr. Ray’s “nanny city” assessment of how Laguna Beach is governed. However, I am confused by his obvious lack of logic in stating it was rational to re-elect the same long term council members that helped create and perpetuate this “nanny city”.  The only new member is Rob Zur Schmiede, but he has been a 13-year fixture on “the many different committees” Mr. Ray is criticizing. I am reminded of the Albert Einstein quote, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
As for Mr. Ray’s tired regurgitated liberal talking points “suppression of votes” and “racial hatred”, let me borrow one from that ridiculous playbook. Michael Ray stating that Michele Hall’s only qualification running for City Council was being a declared Republican is obviously a “war on women!”

Stephen Tygh, Laguna Beach

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