Reader Refutes Measure KK Supporter’s Views



Thanks LB Indy for your completely biased reporting in support of Measure KK and for giving Houston Durand a platform to promote his agenda.

First, Mr. Durand, your comment, “It upsets me that someone else would make a decision about his right to obtain his medicine” is bordering on insulting, steps well into ignorance, and resounds with cliche.

You would probably argue that since there isn’t a DMV office in Laguna Beach the State of California is “making a decision” about your right to drive. Heck, if you want to catch a plane, you have to go to the airport in Santa Ana. Looks like the FAA is “making a decision” about your right to travel. You should be really upset.

Second, your suggestion that marijuana is “medicine” is fallacious. While there are a few genuinely beneficial applications for marijuana, the court of public opinion overwhelmingly thinks marijuana is a panacea. However, for the most part, the marijuana agenda is about wanting to smoke pot legally. Most research demonstrates limited benefits and most ardent supporters cite countless blog entries and hearsay. Research proves that marijuana doesn’t treat anxiety, it causes it. Research also demonstrates that marijuana turns habitual users into losers.

Third, if you want your dad to have easy access to a dispensary, don’t subject the entire city to the proven detrimental effects most dispensaries have on neighborhoods. So while you play the sympathy card with your veteran dad’s PTSD (for which I am truly sorry), I don’t want a bunch of stoned anxious loser zombies roaming Laguna.


Michael Rybah, Laguna Beach


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