Recommendations Hijacked


The Task Force for Complete Streets (CSTF) have been meeting formally with City Council members for 27 months to research and recommend policy changes to adopt a balanced mobility plan for Laguna Beach.
In June this year, the Council reserved $300,000 intended for spending on Complete Streets infrastructure city-wide. In September this year, the task force submitted a list of 23 recommendations pre-reviewed by city staff for infrastructure projects.
These recommendations were studied by the task force informally since early as March 2009. On Nov. 15, city staff presented Agenda Bill #13 to appropriate $295,000 for Complete Streets projects. Of the original 23 recommendations, only three appeared on this agenda bill, the remainder from unknown origin.
Of the $295,000, $280,000 is allocated for outside consultants and department staff studies, $15,000 is to pay the Planning Commission staff to study bicycle racks. In total $5,000 (1.67%) was spent on real infrastructure that brings a safety improvement for multi-use streets in Laguna. These improvements are the paint and bike-way signs for sharrows on Cypress Drive and Monterey in North Laguna.
According to an account by the late Gary Alstot, the village entrance was under review by city employees for the last 25 years, yet nothing was ever built. I’m told by optimistic civic leaders this is considered progress in Laguna Beach.
Les Miklosy, chair of Complete the Streets

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