Residents, Not Property Owners Cast Ballots



Ah yes, the letter from the Immels (“Views from an Open Space-Campaign Critic,” Letters, July 1) makes me wonder whether they fell asleep during their high school civics class.  All initiatives in California are started with a petition that must be signed only by registered voters. That is in accord with our state constitution.

There is no provision in the constitution that property owners be notified, nor can they sign the petition unless they are registered to vote in the city in which the measure is on the ballot.  Indeed, they are not permitted to vote if the petition qualifies by meeting the constitutional requirements and is then put before the voters.  Again, only registered voters get to vote, not non-resident property owners.

If they wish to vote on Laguna Beach issues, they need to reside in and be registered to vote in Laguna Beach or I guess they could file the class action lawsuit that they wonder about, and get the state constitution changed. 

Bill Rihn, Laguna Beach

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