The Road to Homelessness Isn’t Long




“Street Beat” Sept. 2, 2011: “Illegal lodging. 2.29 a.m. 20600 block of Laguna Canyon Rd. 15 citations were issued to homeless people in the drainage canals near the dog park.  They either refuse to sleep in the shelter or are turned away once it reaches capacity, Kravetz said.”


I wonder what the City Council is thinking when they dream up these laws.  Are they defending those of us who are privileged to lay our heads down on clean sheets and fluffy pillows from dangerous villains?  Are they sleeping soundly when others have to search through the undergrowth at 2 a.m. for those breaking the law?


We may never know the individual stories that brought 15 people to the point where they had to hide in a drainage canal to rest for the night, but one thing we should know – that it can happen to any one of us – especially in these hard economic times.  It’s not as long a road as we may wish to go from being comfortably sheltered by four walls and a roof, perhaps even an ocean view unobscured by neighbors, to laying our heads down in a ditch shared with the four-legged nocturnal critters foraging for food.


May the grace of God be in our hearts and eyes as we go about our daily lives, and may we see others through His eyes.


Caroline Millson, Laguna Beach

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