Rollinger’s Praises



Flooding in the canyon and the downtown business district has
devastated property and businesses and even cost lives.

I own a house in Laguna Canyon, behind the animal hospital and was concerned about the flooding issues, so I contacted Verna Rollinger for help. Verna didn’t just
respond to our pleas, she rolled up her sleeves, went to work for us
and got the job done.

Mayor Pro Tem Verna Rollinger came up with an idea to form a task force to identify solutions to the problem. Under her leadership, 26 recommendations were made for flood
relief. All 26 were approved by the full City Council last November. A recent staff report revealed that most of the recommendations have now been implemented and the remaining projects are in process of implementation.

Thank you Verna, you have made a real difference and I appreciate how quickly you responded to our concerns.

Verna has my vote.


Gary Lefebvre, Laguna Beach

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