Sea Lion Ills Tied to Over-Population



Re: “A Second Influx of Sick Animals Arrives,” April 19 edition.

The article about sick animals (sea lions) goes in to great detail about no food, etc. I understand the situation to be this if you invite 10 people over for dinner and 40 show up there will not be enough food.

What has happened is the sea lion population over the last 40 years has skyrocketed way out of purportion. When coyotes or mountain lions do that in California, the DF&G allows a hunt to thin out the herd.

By trying to help we are adding to the problem. These animals need to let Mother Nature take its course.

Take a drive along the coast San Diego to Eureka. Look in the harbors. See the destruction by these over populated animals. I will agree they may be cute, but in number very destructive. It is no mystery as to why we see this problem of massive over-population. Believe me I am not a hater. Over population is the problem!

One more note unknown to many locals. Our five-year MLPA closure was done with little or no scientific fact. This 7-mile coastline of ours is one of the healthiest stretches of coast in So Cal. I have facts to prove it.


Joel Ellis, Laguna Beach

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  1. Maybe the problem has something to do with over fishing and all the pollutants humans dump into the water on a daily basis…these animals are not only starving, but very sick…maybe humans are the problem, as in so many other instances where nature gets screwed…


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