Seeking a White Knight



Help Wanted: someone who is willing to help seniors.

Vista Aliso is a federally funded apartment community in Laguna Beach, located on

Wesley Drive by Lang Park. It has 70 units occupied by seniors on social security. This project was opened in1988.


What we are looking for is someone to help us in our dealings with management. We are

definitely having some problems dealing with them.


Would prefer an attorney with some elder abuse experience, but be forewarned, there is no money here. None! We have been told by various entities here in town that they support us, thank you, all of you, but now we want a fighter. Simply put: we are looking for a champion! Someone that will fight for us!


We are and have been living under a veil of intimidation since new management has arrived in the past six months. Thanks for any help you can give us!


Tom Reilly, Laguna Beach

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