Shower Seems Misplaced



It is wonderful to see the new lifeguard station coming to completion.  Especially happy to see those unsightly temporary buildings gone after so many months and to enjoy our wonderful unobstructed views once more.

Thanks are in order to all those who worked to create a beautiful project, with the attention to detail that Laguna Beach is famous for – interesting low profile architecture, curved stairway and stonework, stainless steel restroom doors and the beautiful mural taking shape on the north wall.

However, many are asking who in the world decided to put the shower pole where it is located, right in the middle of walkway traffic, where it will always be wet and sandy and cause a bottleneck.  And, it was not in the displayed project photographs.   I believe it is a mistake in that location and a distraction from the architecture and the art and should be re-located in a more logical place, off to the side.

Maryann Del Pizzo, Laguna Beach

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