A Sign of Big City Culture



The things I love about Laguna Beach are simple. We are a small town with a small population and don’t build huge things like parking structures. I am only 13 years old. I was born here at Mission Hospital in South Laguna and intend to die here.

This is how all ugly cities start out with one small fragment of a very expensive change in this case its a parking structure. Personally I think we have absolutely plenty of parking, such as ACT V, for example. And if you have to park in town, you can just walk and see other things that you never knew could be so beautiful on your way to the festivals. And we have trollies to get you places when the festivals are going.

The parking structure would be a horrible investment because people come to Laguna to see the beautiful town; it is not to park in a parking structure. Plus this parking structure would never be used and hardly ever filled; plus the festivals aren’t year round so what about the time in-between? When I heard about this I took a sign my neighbor gave to me, ran home and screamed and cried. Why? Because this is exactly what I hate about every city in California. And pretty soon there will be more to add and soon the beautiful once artsy town will just have turned into another LA. The beaches will get trashed, and the technology will get worse, gas prices will go up, and we will be everything I hate about big cities.

We will be a paper town filled with paper people and paper buildings, not caring about what we are destroying. Everyone, council think of the generations and how they will never see what I saw and never believe that there are towns that have a center, a heart bigger than any city. Why do we want to spend so much on something we will use so little? Why do we want to put that big worthless expensive structure in our town That makes us no different from the rest of the big cities?

My heart was already shattered by this news. Please don’t crush it to dust.

Thank you and don’t build the structure. (Take me seriously.)

Hannah Vogel, Laguna Beach

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