How About a Skateboard Park?



I have been following the skateboarding saga over the past few months. My own experience having a son who grew up in Laguna Beach, and who was an avid skateboarder, causes me to be sympathetic with the desires of the young. My son went overboard on his “skating.” He actually went down the Third Street hill to the applause of fellow skateboarders, and also ended up on a car hood at one time. But he had no serious injuries and sometimes mothers just have to look the other way and calm their fears for the children.

I have been thinking long and hard about this problem, since I understand it from the skateboarders’ point of view as well as from the drivers’ point of view.

One solution is to develop a skateboard park much like the one they have in Santa Barbara. It is not very large, but is satisfactory in that it has “ups,” “downs,” and circular paths that serve not only the beginner but the experienced skateboarder as well. It is built right near the beach and is a wonderful place to watch all the skills that they have. One can see two-year-olds, as well as adults of all ages, and all the ages in between.

But where could a skateboard park be placed in Laguna? I have thought about that too. I think that if a chunk of the Dog Park could be had to build a skateboard park, it would be perfect. The skills needed in the park are even more complex and intriguing than just skateboarding down a Laguna Beach hill. If not this location, then somewhere in the Laguna Canyon would be perfect, if such land could be found and developed. Perhaps the City could use land they already own or buy up some of the old houses when they become available. Or the City could obtain some land on the other side of Laguna Canyon Road from the Irvine Company.

Let’s explore the options. Let’s put our mind to it. The kids need the park and the drivers need some relief from their fears of hitting a “kid.”

Barbara Barda

Laguna Beach

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