Skateboarding Isn’t a Crime



(This letter was also addressed to the City Council.)


Yet another street banned to skateboarders at last night’s City Council meeting. Is it any wonder? One lady said, “a speedboard ran into my car tire, popping it.” I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible. Words like “someone is gonna die” were flying fast and loose, hyperbole unchecked. I asked the officer how many skate injuries or deaths there were in the last year. He said nothing.

The only crime here is taking away streets without giving [skaters] anything in return. That is immoral. We’ve been skating Skyline Drive for decades. What gives you the right?

You reported last night that you have over $200,000 set aside for a skate park. One of you said, “if we build one, the kids won’t use it”. Yes, if you design and build it, it could be lame. Let the skaters design it. We’ll drool to use it.

A dedicated snake run, 1.5 miles of meandering, descending concrete trail with bowly banks and an added safety feature of periodic run outs for beginners. Oh, and a little desert scape landscaping along side it so it looks nice. We would like a couple shaded picnic areas too. It could double as a fire-break. Would an ocean view be asking too much? I’m envisioning an annual Laguna Beach world class event, bigger than the Vic… You guys are going to be heroes!

And we aren’t asking for much when you put it in perspective. The City of Laguna Beach has more than 50 miles of hiking trails. (Big Bend 4.5 miles; Deer Canyon 7 miles; Dilley Preserve, 3 miles; El Morro Canyon, 8.3 miles; Emerald Canyon, 8.4 miles; Emerald Vista Point, 5 miles; Laguna Bowl, 3.6 miles; Laurel Canyon, 3.5 miles; Boat Spur Trail, 2 miles; Badlands, 3 miles; Barbara’s Lake, 2.7 miles to name a few).

Hikers in Laguna get 50 miles of dedicated hiking trail. Give us 1.5. We deserve this and it is time. Skateboarding, like hiking, is not a crime.


Dave Williams, Laguna Beach

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