Skeptical of Measure CC



Vote NO on scam measure CC.   Here are a few questions for you.

Why would you vote for an unfair flat tax on anything? A flat tax on property causes a poor or middle-class property owner to have to pay the same amount of money as those who have expensive property and great incomes.

Why would you vote for some scheme that increases your taxes and gives you nothing in return that you don’t already have. Do you like being scammed?

Why vote for something that is presented to you in expensive flyers etc. as open space that needs saving, when in fact it is for the most part just vacant land around town that people have bought and left open for their own reasons like investments, to preserve their views, privacy, or whatever?

Why would you vote just to suit a power group that wants control of the $30 million dollars this tax will rip off from us?

Why would you vote to buy, with your tax money, privately owned vacant land that is already “open”, all or most of which can never be built on, land the owner must pay taxes on and take care of in accordance with city regulations?

Why would any sane person vote to increase their own property taxes, simultaneously taking someone else’s property off the city and county tax rolls?

This all sounds like a giant scam where the power group is trying every trick to get you to vote their scheme. A scheme that benefits nobody except them and maybe some rich property owners some of who may want to unload at top dollar their unbuildable, unsalable property, property they have to pay taxes on and maintain. Look at the  property tax bill you or your landlord will receive this week. Note all the little items that add up to big bucks.

Don’t be fooled by expensive misleading flyers and signs.  Save your money for something your family really needs. Vote NO on CC.


Dave Connell, Laguna Beach

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