Offering Up a Special Literary Menu

Bite-sized chunks of writing to whet your brain’s appetite.XMAS_Menu


Edited by Christine Fugate & Sally Eastwood


On the Menu:


“Canaries for Christmas” by Adele Kopecky

“Lost In Translation: Christmas” by Sally Eastwood

“Career Change” by Angela Breslow



“Butterfly Kisses at Christmas” by Amy Bazuin-Yoder, Ph.D.

“Christmas in Paradise” by Katrin Sofie Berg

“Christmas in Afghanistan” by Dennis Lockwood

“Sleeping Santas” by Alice C. Meek, MA



“The Thankful Turtle” by Christine Fugate

“Merry Christmas Myrna” by Amy Bazuin-Yoder, Ph.D.


Apertif: (Adults Only)

“Santa Claus Eternal” by Suzanne Redfearn


(These writers are part of Christine Fugate’s Writing Workshop, offered through the city’s community services department and held at the Community & Susi Q Center. The winter session will focus on developing and writing screenplays.)

Night cap:

“Not Ready for King Arthur” by Terry Black

“What the Four-Footed Can Teach Us” by Ed Kaufman

“Roca Madness” by Liz Zuercher

“Mrs. Schlobaum’s Christmas Cookies” by Liz Zuercher


(These writers are contributors to the monthly Dime Stories program.)

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  1. Ted Hankin

    Red Christmas by Susan Jacob was great; very insightful and an entertaining read.

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