Spending Other People’s Money



As I read some of the letters supporting another tax increase to buy empty lots, the self-serving arrogance of some people is almost beyond belief. All these letters from people who want to feel good about open space, no matter what it costs others, fail to understand what this “open space” land grab is all about.


It is not about the green belt as some allude to; that already exists. It is about grabbing vacant lots in the city. It is about taking empty lots off the tax roles, which will cost the city (us) income. It is about property owners who want these lots left open (for various reasons like keeping their views open) but don’t want to have to take care of them and pay property tax on them. Probably most of the lots can’t be built on anyway or building would be financially impractical and they will be left open without us going to the expense of buying them and taking care of them.


It may be only $10 dollars a month from every one of the rest of us, but that is another tax on top of all the other never ending tax increases and living cost increases that add up  to a  huge financial burden for many of us.


Here is a simple solution. I suggest those who advocate buying these empty lots by spending other people’s money forget taxing the rest of us. Take up a collection among yourselves and buy the lots and take care of them using your own money. And if you folks with all the money to spare really want to do something useful with your time and feel good, work to find ways to decrease the cost of government, not increase it.


Dave Connell, Laguna Beach


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  1. June 21, 2011
    Another well written “letter” and right to the point. We must continue to express our opinions about this insidious attempt to steal additional monies from us through the vote getting apparatus. I will be writing another “letter” in the near future. Thanks again for expressing your opinion.
    Craig Coffin


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