A Start on Reducing Oil Dependence




As a fisherman, Dave, (Letters, “Freedom Eroding Away,” Feb. 17) you should know that plastic bags pollute our beaches, there are islands of plastic bottles and bags out in the oceans, and sea animals have been found with plastic bags (they look like jelly fish when inflated with water) in their stomachs. Maybe you haven’t driven down any streets or highways lately. Plastic products litter our parks, public buildings, etc.  The worst part is that it takes a very, very, very long time for them to disintegrate. Seen a landfill lately? Then there are those people who use them for poop bags. I can see future archeologists finding dog poops preserved in plastic grocery bags. How about using the plastic bags our newspapers come in instead?

Nanny state: if people were a little less corrupt, self centered, greedy, irresponsible and more intelligent, honest, compassionate, and showed respect for others and our environment we wouldn’t need so many laws. Read a newspaper lately? People still drive while using cell phones/text. Wall Street leaders are still playing games of “gimme all you have”.  Pharmaceuticals are being made with bad ingredients or better yet not being made because it is not profitable enough.  The list goes on.

Sorry we don’t live in a perfect world and perhaps making it hard might help deter some people. Certain folks people say, “stop our addiction to oil and products made from oil” so they say “drill, baby drill” despite that we are exporting a significant amount of our refined oil to other countries.

Banning plastic grocery bags is a good start in reallocating our oil and being more intelligent about how we use it, don’t you think?


Ganka Brown,

Laguna Beach

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