Step Up to a Ban on Skyline




We are residents of Laguna Beach living on Skyline Drive.  It is distressing that the City Council recently banned speedboarding on certain steep Laguna streets but exempted Skyline Drive.


A steep public road, blind curves, autos and heavy equipment in daily use, children on skateboards at high speed. What is it the City Council doesn’t get?  Use of Skyline Drive by speedboarders is unreasonably dangerous, period.  Even the leading skateboard advocate, Chad Gibbs, has acknowledged the danger and restricted his children from skateboarding on Skyline Drive.  There has never been a bigger “no brainer” than banning skateboarding on Skyline Drive.


This is not an issue that involves adult recreation.  Rather it is a simple matter of public safety involving children. We have never seen an adult skateboarding on Skyline Drive and many of those we have seen appear to be elementary school age children.  If their parents can’t restrict them from this unreasonably dangerous activity the City Council must recognize the danger and take action.  Not only the children, but the public is at risk.  The Council must find the courage to act for the protection of the public as well as the protection of children too young to appreciate the danger to themselves and others.  It’s really simple, Councilmembers. Do your job!


Walt & Claire Hill

Laguna Beach

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