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Mr/Ms Cain (“Stepping on a Soapbox for Sidewalks,” Letters, Sept. 30) shows considerable disrespect for a handful of Laguna volunteers working jointly with City Council to explore at considerable personal (unpaid) commitment a new mobility plan for our town.


He/she also shows complete ignorance for Complete Street Policy stating four mis-representations in as many short paragraphs. Here are some: “banning any vehicles other than bicycles or public transit,” “their narrow view of transportation for Laguna Beach,” “should children walk to El Morro,” and “the bicycle crowd starts to pay its fair share of road maintenance.”


The Complete Streets Task Force is a city appointed committee of residents chosen to research, analyze and recommend alternatives to driving a car in Laguna Beach. Those alternatives include walking, cycling, busing and driving. If Mr/Ms Cain attended any of the last 36 meetings in three years on this topic, he/she would learn we are all talking about the same thing, crafting a new policy for alternative mobility in Laguna Beach.


Indeed, I pay over $300 in just registration fees for personal vehicles I drive on occasion. Mr/Ms Cain prefers walking presumably as a healthy alternative to driving. I prefer riding a bicycle in Laguna Beach; that is my personal commitment to health, reducing emissions, reducing petroleum consequences and reducing traffic in Laguna.


Les Miklosy, chair, Task Force for Complete Streets

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