Taking a Color Trip



Color is where it’s at. The summer street banners make our town a more colorful place. Our gardens are colorful too and strike a note of individuality and interesting diversity for the growing number of Lagunatics who walk.

I thought black clothes were for evening wear, but look around and you will see people wearing black everyday and this is supposed to be a beach town. It makes you wonder if 10 years of two wars has not only bankrupted our country and darkened people’s spirits.

Harry Willats, the original owner of the Riviera Hotel, many years ago would go to Rotary Club every week in a colorful shirt and ask Rotary members why they didn’t wear shirts reflecting our beach way of life?

Years ago the Hotel Laguna was pink and in many paintings it was pink. Actually you can see a depiction of its pink color, although it is a little red, on the city seal on city vehicles. Could the hotel be pink again? Good question.

For the ultimate color trip, take a free trolley or bus this summer to the Festival of Arts, Sawdust and Art-a-Fair.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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