The Emperor Has No Clothes


MOM LagunaIn 2021, Mohammad Honarkar and his Laguna Beach Company were about to lose their investments to foreclosure or bankruptcy. MOM Laguna (the MOM Investco entities) arranged an over $150M bailout in exchange for full control of the investments. MOM also injected almost $100M to save the investments. Two and half years later, Honarkar is not honoring this contract.

MOM offered Honarkar administrative responsibility of the properties to help save face. However, MOM removed him as they had amassed evidence of mismanagement, misconduct, and theft. They feared he’d continue to burn their investor’s money.

The Superior Court of California, County of Orange (SCCO) recognized MOM’s authority to take action. Thereafter, Honarkar fabricated a false narrative against MOM based on false allegations. He led armed entrance onto multiple MOM properties on May 2, 2023, then entered another on July 24, 2023. Behaviors included stealing and breaking and entering. Multiple legal issues were settled, and the courts have repeatedly rejected Honarkar’s motions. The court is analogous to the child from the fairytale compelled to point out “the emperor has no clothes.”

A restraining order was granted in the favor of MOM to keep the Honarkar group 200 ft. away from Hotel Laguna and 14 West. MOM prevailed with a temporary injunction and defined in a Minute order on June 5, 2023 (below). Honarkar has attempted to obtain court relief multiple times. These failed attempts included his own temporary restraining orders at Terra Laguna Beach and 4G Wireless, both denied by the court. They are now being legally evicted at the residential properties. The court has yet to rule on Honarkar’s continued theft and collection of rent for properties he doesn’t own.

After MOM assumed full management, the restaurants and beach club at Hotel Laguna have opened. The hotel’s historic restoration will be completed by MOM, and they will follow city regulations, and rule of law. Despite problems with the City of Laguna Beach and potential issues of collusion and corruption between the City Manager and Honarkar, MOM has successfully transitioned control of assets Hotel Laguna, 14 West Hotels, Terra Restaurant, Seven Degrees, Art-a-Fair property, and 4G Wireless.

MOM welcomes a town hall meeting for residents on Wednesday, September 6, from 5:30 to 7:30 to answer questions. To be invited, email your full name and address to: [email protected]

Superior Court of California, County of Orange Minute order referenced above.

This content was paid for by MOM CA Investor Group LLC

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  1. I love Laguna creativity. Where else can a revered children’s fairy tail and classic poetry create the picture of reality? Thanks MOM for helping inspire us with our property right fight and demands for safety.

    (Tony Fisch represents MOM LLC public relations – Editor’s note)

  2. I am delighted to hear that the Hotel Laguna will once again be our treasured jewel and that it will be done the right way with permits and follow the guidelines. With all the problems that Honarkar brought tarnishing the lustre of this grand old lady, with his heavy handed dealings and with a non historic restoration I am relieved we will see our much loved icon back gracing our downtown.

  3. Well said Michele. The Honarkar fairy tale narrative is very clear in the above profile story. The evidence can be confirmed in the public record anytime at Superior Court of California, County of Orange, Justice Center.

    (Tony Fisch represents MOM LLC public relations – Editor’s note)

  4. A paid public notice? This looks like a list of hearsay by a desperate group, and definitely not the type of “businessmen” that deserve to operate in Laguna. Who are these people? And why is the Indy entertaining them and allowing such trash to be published without fact checking? Is this publication in that much financial distress? I hate to say this, but the recent stories about this circus written by the Indy have been rather one-sided as well. Does Mom group have a financial interest in the Independent? Shameful.

  5. Thank you for the update and the commitment to follow our building codes and permitting processes to complete the Laguna Hotel. Tha’ts refreshing. I hope our City Administration will act responsibly when performing their duties on our behalf as well. This includes refraining from bias and catering to any individuals or special interests.

    I understand the MOM Laguna Beach Town Hall residents meeting date and time has changed since this notice went out to: Wednesday, September 6th, 5:30-7:30 pm. Please confirm. I would post the updated notice on Nextdoor/Laguna Locals Only Group as they are a community resource and monitored by involved locals.

    Look forward to the Laguna Town Hall gathering and meeting MOM representatives Thank you.

  6. Happy to see HOTEL LAGUNA is reaching out, for what I like to see a “Welcome Evening” for those that have not been to the Hotel in a while, to re-acquaint with the Queen of Laguna and meet the team of putting her back together for the community! “Let the courts further their decision and get rid of the division!” Drop it all aside and move on to what we all hoped would happen and create the HOPE of her great rise!!! Thank you MOM investments for working with the community!! Can’t wait to meet all my neighbors..

  7. Jim Watson is not a resident of Laguna Beach. I was sent his address. He is in the banking business. No Jim, desperation is denial of reality and projection onto others. Justice system evidence speaks volumes. Yup sellers remorse. I get it. It’s painful, but it is what it is. Mo signed a contract in June of 21. Its iron clad.

    The Laguna Beach Indy and its team are thoughtful and highly professional. Fair and equitable.

    No nasty comments when Mo was posting his content? Have respect! And read on. That contract is clear according to The Superior Court of California, County of Orange.

    Tony Fisch represents MOM LLC public relations – Editor’s note

  8. Is Laguna Beach ready for Peace, Harmony and Fresh Starts? The only winners in this will be the attorneys. MoM will continue to operate our historic Hotel Laguna. We wish Mohammad Honakar and Family all the best.

  9. At least Hornarkar was given a face saving job in the MOM organization as the Administrative Manager when in retrospect MOM should not have been so magnanimous. If they would have read the receiver’s final report of the shenanigans Mo pulled when his assets were being controlled by a court appointed receiver they might not have been so charitable.


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