What Are They Thinking?



The city just received a $50,000 parking study that concluded we could have the functional equivalent of 200-400 parking spaces in the downtown where they are needed and at a very low cost. It doesn’t make sense to build a $65 million dollar parking structure given this reasonable, sensible, economical alternative that better meets our needs. We can’t have both.

By the way, the scare tactic that we will be overrun by tourists as a result of homes being built in Irvine, is just that – a scare tactic. Aliso Viejo built 20,000 homes much closer to Laguna. How would you characterize their summer impact? Did we build them a $65 million dollar project?

If the City Council is not afraid to ask the voters if they want this project, they should Let Laguna Vote.

former Council Member, Verna Rollinger, Laguna Beach


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