Threat of Litigation Uses Faulty Logic



Sorry, but I couldn’t resist responding to Byron Nelson’s letter to the editor (The Indemnity Solution, Feb. 11, Letters)

Nelson brought up that old threat of “inevitable lawsuits against the city” by family members of skateboarders injured in accidents.

Has the city been inundated by lawsuits by family members of pedestrians struck by cars at night because of the lack of street lighting? Cars have hit more pedestrians in town than skate-boarders, but these self-appointed protectors-of-our-city-against-lawsuits don’t seem interested in reading the stats about the frequency of types of accidents. It shows a faulty logic, possibly caused by the calcification of fixed ideas over-rehearsed as one ages.

Get over it and quit bullying the kids. Age and money does not equal entitlement.

Deborah Laughton, Laguna Beach

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