Time for Artists to Devise a Statement



I am a proponent of a village entrance. My suggested model is a classic signage icon, used by television and film to identify southern California to the world. Examples of such icons are the signage at Malibu Pier and Santa Monica Pier, ubiquitous in movies and TV as shorthand for the promised land of southern California  sunshine and the beach.  Another example, not socal but close, is the ‘welcome to Las Vegas’ sign.

Why aren’t we having a contest for the creative community of Laguna Beach to showcase ideas for an iconic sign that tells the world, “you are now in the greatest town, ever?”

How did we get so far away from the original intent? Let’s get back to a sign over the canyon entrance, and north and south Coast highway entrances, that says, ‘you are now entering Laguna Beach!’

Artists, remember John Van Hammersveld’s “Endless Summer” poster, and submit your ideas to a city council committee that is $50 million off track.

Create a sign that guests and locals can stop and photograph their time here.


Respectfully submitted,

David Powers, Laguna Beach

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