Traffic Rules Seem to Have Changed



My apologies, I must have missed the memo.

I wasn’t running late. I guess I was enjoying the view. Perhaps I was also admiring my neighbors’ garden. Even so, if that was you behind me, it was the posted speed limit we were traveling at.

Then there was my recent afternoon constitutional. I was on foot at St. Ann’s and Park Avenue. You ignored the stop sign at about 35 m.p.h. I am sure it was an emergency. Perhaps you were racing home because your pet was on fire?

I am not quite sure when the rules changed. (I must have been out of town).

It appears as though the rule at stop signs now is slow down, a little, if you see someone. If you have the advantage, go, don’t stop!

Stopping is optional.

Is it a sign of weakness to follow the rules, in Alpha-Eat-All Lagunaland? If so I need a copy of the new rules. I’m sure they have been posted. I’m sorry to be out of date.

Please re-forward the memo with the new rules, reply all.

And again, I apologize if I caused you any delay.


John Walker, Laguna Beach

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  1. Good letter. Beware also the light runners. Red is the new yellow, evidently. I want to think that this is a summertime phenomenon, but I fear I may be wrong about that. Be careful out there!


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