Trolleys Pay for Themselves With Tap Card



Re: “Trolleys to Run on Summer Weekends,” in the May 30 edition. That sounds great, but why not have a tap card system like they do in LA County, which is a loadable card of stored value and a certain amount is deducted each time you tap your card on the fare box.

It’s working on the Metro system and now Long Beach Transit has it on all their busses. The tap card has a life of five years of a magnetic chip built within the card.

The thing about the tap card is that you don’t have to fiddle with exact change. Just board the bus, tap your card on the tap target, it’ll beep and just keep walking to your seat. Boarding is much faster.

I know you’ll be very busy in the summer with the summer crowds and the tap card is just easy for everyone. Even the driver doesn’t have to make sure that the exact amount of money was deposited in the fare box while he or she is paying attention to the traffic of Laguna Beach.

Kevin Nutt, Long Beach

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