Ugly Signs Exacerbate the Neighborhood



We just had the Mozambique “no parking” sign placed in front of our house. It is hideous. Not only is the sign hideous, but the pole it is attached to is this size of a small telephone pole, and an eyesore that will surely drag down property values. This is one of the fears I voiced at the Feb. 15 meeting where the proposal was passed 3-2. (“Will Mozambique ‘Quiet  Zone’ Bring Peace?” Feb. 18 edition)

Second, not only are these signs now plaguing the entire so-called Mozambique zone, but according to the plan there should soon be parking meters popping up on the east-west streets between Coast Highway and Glenneyre. I have not seen them yet. (Since these meters will run from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., exactly what do they have to do with the Mozambique noise issue? But I digress.)

Not only will these unnecessarily ugly up our neighborhood even more, but they will only serve to push all the parking to Glenneyre and further up into the neighborhoods.  They will not relieve any problems, but will put a few dollars in the city coffers, which I fear is what this is all about.  If the parking program fails after the trial period, will the meters be taken out?  The answer, I suspect, is no.

So, at best, this program is a Trojan horse for the spread of parking meters into our neighborhood ($1/hour at a time for the city), even if the signs are eventually taken down.  As I said at the meeting, in spite of my proximity to the restaurant, I actually have no problem with Mozambique; but, if there is a problem, it should be Mozambique’s problem, not mine.

On a related note, if the mayor or the other council members who voted for the resolution would like an enormous white “no parking” sign attached to a telephone pole to be put in front of their homes, please provide my contact information, and I will gladly give up the one that is now in front of my house.

Dan McKenzie, Laguna Beach

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