Village Laguna Forgets Ethics




Village Laguna: While they are a nonprofit, they are not a charitable nonprofit but a mutual benefit nonprofit. In other words, they exist for the benefit of their members, not for the benefit of the public, according to attorney Bruce Methven.

So it should be no surprise to anyone why they would be running around signing up homes as historic only to have their cronies on the City Council hire on another Village Laguna approved member for the city’s building department to handle the sudden influx of historic homes.

Just look at the process of design review, which is fully controlled by Village Laguna, but, hey, one can always hire a former design review member who was already approved by a Village Laguna member to handle that process. “It’s not surprising that they are against any change in the upcoming election, nor should it be a surprise that during the past five years 90% of the initiatives come from those select few, the surprise or the concern should be they did it all while not mentioning the word “ethics.”


John Kreber, Laguna Beach

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