Voting for Those With a Track Record



Living in Laguna is like living in a national park, but better. The beaches are protected and are constantly becoming healthier. The air is clean. Our open spaces are protected. Although summer weekends tend to be very busy, traffic on weekdays or spring, fall and in winter is very manageable. Our businesses are geared to our environment and are not dominated by big box stores or cookie cutter vendors. Our neighborhoods are protected against mansionization and proper balance is maintained between privacy and views.

It has taken our city leaders over 100 years of careful policy making to protect our beauty and rationally develop our commercial center while protecting the scale and look of our unique neighborhoods.

Soon we will have a chance to once again elect city leaders who will shepherd our development in a positive or destructive direction.

There are only three candidates with the proven track record to be faithful caretakers of our Village: Toni Iseman, Rob Zur Schmiede and Kelly Boyd. With service on the City Council, Planning Commission and Design Review Board and other civic committees, these individuals are known defenders of our village traditions.

I cannot imagine putting our future in the hands of candidates who are not honest, are pro big business development or oppose citizen involvement in our decision making process. Toni, Rob and Kelly are the only logical choices.

Armando Baez, Laguna Beach


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