She Wasn’t on the Committee Then


To the Editor:

I read the Nov. 19 letter from Samuel and Pamela Goldstein regarding the Mills Act for the Heisler Building, and I would like to correct some of the information given. Although I am a member of the Heritage Committee, I am writing as an individual.  I think that perhaps the Goldsteins were confused about dates.  The letter states that Councilwoman Rollinger is the liaison to the Heritage Committee, which is true.  However, they err in saying that as the council liaison “She should be attending the Heritage Committee meetings (of which there were about 12 that were never attended by Ms. Rollinger).”

In fact, the vast majority of the meetings were held (starting in on Jan. 2007) well before Verna Rollinger was elected to the council.  There were only a couple of meetings after Rollinger took office and was assigned to the Heritage Committee.  And those meetings discussed only very minor changes to the plans.

Like her predecessor Cheryl Kinsman, Councilmember Rollinger attends virtually all of the Heritage Committee meetings.

Bonnie Hano

Laguna Beach
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