What’s Good for Mozambique’s Neighbors?



In the article, “New Era of Collaboration at Laguna’s City Hall?” that appeared in the Nov. 12 issue of this paper, Mozambique Steakhouse owner Ivan Spiers is quoted as saying, “What’s good for Laguna is what’s going to bring people here.” This statement, as insensible as it was, reminded me of the infamous comment attributed to General Motors Chairman and CEO, Charlie Wilson, who in 1955 said, “What is good for General Motors is good for America.”

The parallels between the two assertions and the attitudes of their authors are disturbing. Just like the latter quote came to epitomize the auto giants arrogance, Mr. Spiers seems to have forgotten that the Laguna Beach’s first obligation is to the welfare of its residents and their neighborhoods.

Whereas GM spent years battling efforts to reduce tailpipe pollution emissions, Mozambique has spent years resisting efforts by residents to place reasonable limits on extended hours, noise, and public nuisance impacts. The overwhelming throng of Mozambique patrons are out-of-town visitors, and they have no investment in our community or neighbors’ quality of life. Yet, Mr. Spiers would suggest that these are the people whose needs we should cater to first and foremost.

Randy Lewis

Laguna Beach

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