Writer Questions GOP Involvement in School Race



I read with some amusement Laguna Beach Republicans board director Christopher Kling’s letter regarding our recent school board election.

In that race, an unconnected, unqualified, single-issue candidate lost by more than five points to the three qualified and capable ones. Mr. Kling’s attempt to claim victory after a defeat by a large margin of his preferred candidate reads like a defense of Monty Python’s Black Knight, who famously claimed victory after being relieved of all but his head. It was great for our district that the three qualified candidates beat this single-issue candidate.

Contrary to Mr. Kling’s assertion, it was not unfair or “prejudicial” to point out this candidate’s severe lack of qualifications for the job, including not having any vested interest of any kind in public education. As to the limited number of votes this fourth candidate did receive, that number was undoubtedly because certain leaders of the local Laguna Beach Republicans (where Mr. Kling is a director) chose to aggressively support her candidacy, including issuing a press release on her behalf on the LB GOP Facebook site, endorsing her on the LB GOP LinkedIn.com page, hosting an event at Laguna Beach GOP headquarters promoting her election, and getting Rep. Dana Rohrbacher to appear on her behalf.

Why certain officers of the Laguna Beach Republicans chose to so aggressively support this fourth candidate and provide Laguna Beach Republicans resources to her is a mystery. I strongly encourage past presidents and our local Republican leaders to ask that very important question of the current leadership (and ask the organization why it’s endorsing for nonpartisan school district offices at all, and what process they use to do so).

As to Carol Normandin’s decisions to enter the race and later to publicly support both Ketta Brown and Dee Perry (an unprecedented and brave move), all the parents and taxpayers should be thankful that Carol had the courage and leadership both to run and, later, fully support fellow qualified candidates. Mr. Kling’s assertion that either decision was troubling or was a “miscalculation” is silly.  The results of the election reflect the candidates’ qualifications and successful leadership prior to the election, not any miscalculation.  And anyone who runs across Carol Normandin in town ought to shake her hand and thank her for stepping up.

Finally, knowing Carol, by the time she is done serving, Mr. Kling will be among her fans.


Mary Jo Winefordner, Laguna Beach


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